Mold Testing & Pin-Point ReportingMicroscope is used to analyze mold test

Mold growing in your home can have widespread negative effects, from causing cosmetic—and even structural—damage to your property, to impacting the health of loved ones. If you suspect the presence of mold in your home, don’t delay in calling the experts at Vista Home Inspections for a mold test. Located in Aurora, Colorado, we proudly serve homeowners in Denver and all of the Front Range.

Why Might You Need a Mold Test?

A mold inspection isn’t necessary if mold is visible in your home. However, if you cannot see any mold but suspect it is present due to moisture, we’ll be happy to send a technician to your home to conduct a mold test. Be sure to give us a call if your home has:

  • Plumbing issues, such as an overflowing sink or toilet
  • Water in the basement
  • A leaky roof
  • Leaky pipes
  • Flood damage

No matter your suspicions, you can count on Vista Home Inspections to provide you with definitive answers as to whether mold is growing in your home. Our team is made up of InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspectors who have a keen eye for detail, and we use the most advanced technologies to arrive at the most accurate conclusions possible.

Detailed Reporting

After visiting your home, we’ll send your mold test to a lab for identification. There, it will be determined if mold is present in the sample provided and the results will be sent directly to you and your agent, should you be in the process of buying a home. The report will also include an assessment of your home’s indoor air quality, which we will also test during the mold inspection.

Schedule a Mold Test Today

Don’t suspect whether mold is present at your property any longer. Instead, schedule a mold test with the experienced technicians at Vista Home Inspections. Contact us today to get started. We are proud to serve homeowners and home buyers in Denver, CO, and throughout the Front Range.

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